Stylish, Celebrity-Approved Face Masks You Can Shop Online


When a handful of celebrities came together to support Tory Burch’s #WearADamnMask initiative, we got a look at the splashy prints and functional silhouettes they all got their hands on months ago. By posting a single selfie, they reminded us about the importance of wearing a mask in public and many of them took the time to enlighten their followers about the lives they’re saving by covering up. We appreciated the challenge first and foremost because it sent a message loud and clear, but we also ended up digging for the brand information behind some of our favorite styles.

It’s not just on Instagram that we’re seeing coordinated mask looks from celebs who look cool while staying safe, it’s also on the streets, as they step out to run errands when it’s necessary. From Brie Larson’s romantic rose mask to Ariana Grande’s simple white design that comes in a pack of 30, it’s easy to choose a look that fits in with your lifestyle. Scroll down to see how Olivia Wilde is staying true to her free spirit in a tie-dye mask and Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are coordinating in a sleek black set. Of course, new parents Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas hopped on that bandwagon with their star print, too. The more matchy-matchy outfits, the merrier, you guys!

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