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The Band’s Visit
7.30pm Monday 17 May  

PG, 2007
Genre: Comedy, Race Relations
Language: Arabic, Hebrew
Director: Eran Kolirin
Starring: Ronit Elkabetz
What’s it about?
This warm, heartfelt movie about love, loneliness and cultural differences stars the late Israeli actress Ronit Elkabetz in one of her most popular roles. It follows the members of the Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra, led by the repressed Tawfiq, who after taking the wrong bus on their way to a cultural event, wind up on the doorstep of Dina, a free-spirited cafe owner in a remote Israel village. After informing them they will be stuck there until the next morning, Dina offers to put them up for the night, with help from other villagers. 

‘The Band’s Visit’ review
Dinner and a Movie: The Band’s Visit


9.30pm Monday 17 May 

India, 2002
Genre: Bollywood
Language: Hindi
Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Starring: Aishwarya Rai, Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Jackie Shroff
What’s it about?
One of the most lavish and expensive Bollywood films ever made. This is the sweeping tale of two soul mates, childhood sweethearts Devdas and Paro, whose love is thwarted by India’s rigid class structure. Young Devdas is sent to study in London by his wealthy father. On his return, love blossoms again, but the families oppose the romance.



Bugsy Malone
7.30pm, Tuesday 18 May

United Kingdom, 1976
Genre: Music, Drama, Comedy, Family, Action
Language: English
Director: Alan Parker
Starring: Paul Murphy, Dexter Fletcher, Michael Jackson, Jodie Foster, Scott Baio
What’s it about?
A pint-sized cast illuminates this musical that is unlike any other ever made. Set in 1929 New York City, Bugsy Malone captures a flashy world of would-be hoodlums, showgirls, and dreamers – all played by child actors! As Tallulah, the sassy girlfriend of the owner of Fat Sam’s Grand Slam Speakeasy, future superstar Jodie Foster dances and sings her way into our hearts.


La Vie en Rose
9.30pm Tuesday 18 May 

France, 2000
Genre: Music, Drama, Biography
Language: French
Director: Olivier Dahan
Starring: Marion Cotillard, Gérard Depardieu, Jean-Paul Rouve, Emmanuelle Seigner, Sylvie Testud
What’s it about?
A biopic about the legendary international singing icon Edith Piaf (Marion Cotillard), whose voice and talent captivated the world. The remarkable artist was born into poverty but survived using the only gift she had – her voice. Piaf’s tragic life was a constant battle to sing and survive, to live and love, with no regrets.  

La Vie En Rose review: You will have no regrets seeing this.



Born to Dance
7.30pm, Wednesday 19 May 

New Zealand, 2015

Genre: Drama
Language: English
Director: Tammy Davis
Starring: Tia Maipi, Stan Walker, Kherington Payne, John Tui, Parris Goebel
What’s it about?
Coming of age tale told through the eyes of ‘Tu’, an ambitious young man from Auckland who dreams of being a professional hip-hop dancer.


Florence Foster Jenkins
9.30pm Wednesday 19 May

United Kingdom, USA, 2016
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Language: English
Director: Stephen Frears
Starring: Hugh Grant, Meryl Streep, Rebecca Ferguson
What’s it about?
The story of Florence Foster Jenkins, a New York heiress, who dreamed of becoming an opera singer, despite having a terrible singing voice.

Florence Foster Jenkins review: A bright, bubbly and ear-bursting biopic



Walking on Sunshine
7.30pm, Thursday 20 May 

United Kingdom, 2014
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Language: Italian, English
Director: Max Giwa, Dania Pasquini
Starring: Annabel Scholey, Hannah Arterton, Giulio Berruti, Greg Wise, Katy Brand, Danny Kirrane, Giulio Corso, Roberto Leone, Leona Lewis
What’s it about?
Set to the music of popular hit songs from the 1980s. A beautiful coastal village, present day Italy. After a whirlwind romance, Maddie is preparing to marry gorgeous Italian Raf, and has invited her sister Taylor to the wedding. Unbeknownst to Maddie, however, Raf is Taylor’s ex-holiday flame, and the love of her life…


Billy Elliot

9.30pm Thursday 20 May

United Kingdom, 2000

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Language: English
Director: Stephen Daldry
Starring: Charlie Hardwick, Trevor Fox, Janine Birkett, Colin MacLachlan, Joe Renton, Carol McGuigan, Nicola Blackwell, Billy Fane, Mike Elliot, Stuart Wells, Jamie Draven, Jean Heywood, Gary Lewis, Jamie Bell, Julie Walters
What’s it about?
At the height of the British miners’ strike, young Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell) is reluctantly carrying his family’s hopes of becoming a boxer. Despite his widowed father (Gary Lewis) having been a renowned pugilist, Billy can’t seem to get the hang of it. With space at a premium due to the strike, a ballet class run by Mrs Wilkinson (Julie Walters) moves into the gym. The sight of the girls dancing strikes a chord with Billy. When Billy’s Dad and older brother Tony (Jamie Draven) make it clear they regard his dancing as much as a betrayal, he begins attending the classes furtively. But in the small town, it’s only a matter of time before Billy will have to face the music.  

Girlfight review: It’s the flip side of Billy Elliot.
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Hearts Beat Loud

7.30pm, Friday 21 May  

United States of America, 2018
Genre: Drama, Music, Comedy, Family
Language: English
Director: Brett Haley
Starring: Nick Offerman, Kiersey Clemons, Ted Danson, Sasha Lane, Blythe Danner, Toni Collette, Quincy Dunn-Baker, Alex Reznik, Michael Abbott Jr., Harrison Chad, Andrea Morales, Faith Logan
What’s it about?
In the hip Brooklyn neighbourhood of Red Hook, single dad and record store owner Frank is preparing to send his hard-working daughter Sam off to college while being forced to close his vintage shop. Hoping to stay connected through their shared musical passions, Frank urges Sam to turn their weekly jam sessions into a father-daughter live act. After their first song becomes an internet breakout, the two embark on a journey of love, growing up and musical discovery.

‘Hearts Beat Loud’: Father & Daughter Reconnect Through Music


The Blues Brothers
9.30pm, Friday 21 May 

USA, 1980
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Music, Action
Language: English
Director: John Landis
Starring: Dan Aykroyd, James Brown, John Belushi
What’s it about?
Jake Blues is just out of jail, and teams up with his brother, Elwood on a ‘mission from God’ to raise funds for the orphanage in which they grew up. The only thing they can do is do what they do best – play music – so they get their old band together and they’re on their way, while getting in a bit of trouble here and there.

Celebrate the Queen of Soul with ‘The Blues Brothers: Aretha Franklin Tribute’ on SBS


The 65th Eurovision Song Contest kicks off in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, broadcast live and in primetime exclusively on SBS and SBS On Demand from 19 to 23 May. Head to SBS Eurovision for all information about how to get involved. 



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