See Sydney Sweeney in Parade’s Silky Mesh Lingerie Campaign

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Parade has its first-ever celebrity campaign star — Sydney Sweeney! The Euphoria actress posed in the affordable lingerie brand’s new and improved Silky Mesh collection. “Parade wants to redefine what it means to feel sexy. Sexiness isn’t one-dimensional — it’s self-expression, it’s depth, it’s confidence, it’s empowerment in your own skin,” Sweeney told Harper’s Bazaar.

This collection features eight new colorways and seven existing, customer-favorite colors ranging in sizes XS to 3XL. Our favorite has to be trippy tie-dye print and the bright-pink style, modeled by Sweeney. The bras include Parade’s Support+ design for those with smaller rib cages and bigger busts and are priced between $32 and $38. The underwear is retailing for $11 to $15.

Keep reading to see the stunning campaign imagery and shop the collection, too.

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