Sadiq Khan’s failures exposed as Mayor was ‘absent’ for London’s toughest year – VIDEO | UK | News

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Shaun Bailey spoke to regarding his manifesto for the upcoming mayoral elections and fearlessly highlighted a number of Sadiq Khan’s failures. The Conservative Party’s candidate for London Mayor labelled Mr Khan’s handling of the UK’s “biggest crisis since WW2” as ridiculous. 

Discussing his slogan, ‘A fresh start for London’, Mr Bailey explained: “Somebody said to me, I am excited about your fresh start.

“She said to me, why did you come up with that concept?

“I said to her because Sadiq Khan has failed every conceivable objective and subjective way, he has failed.”

The Conservative member of the London Assembly went on to address a number of the London Mayor’s failures.

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Mr Bailey said: “He has failed on housing numbers, failed on crime, failed on the environment, just failed to be a leader.

“At the beginning of lockdown the biggest crisis and this nation since the second world war.

“He was missing, he was an absent Mayor even by his own admission.

“That is ridiculous, there to be a setup at City Hall where you can perform all the time.”

“So this is the Mayor of London? He has just done a photo opp, he has not engaged with us at all.”

Ross Lydal, the City Hall Editor at the Evening Standard tweeted: “This group of six Bounds Green residents just forced ⁦@SadiqKhan to hole-up inside a coffee shop on the first day of his re-election campaign.

“They wanted to protest about a low traffic neighbourhood,”

He added: “Sadiq makes a dash for his car as protesters ask to speak with him about a low traffic neighbourhood scheme.”

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