QETTLE 4-in-1 Boiling and Filtered Water Tap Review — Her Favourite Food & Travel

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Prices start from £405 and installation from a QETTLE accredited installer (optional) costs £199. The filter will also needs replacing every 6 months and costs just under £55 for the year.

Although this isn’t equivalent to the cost of a kettle, a boiling water tap is a very energy-efficient choice. On average, a kettle costs £0.02 pence every time it’s boiled and by comparison, a boiling water tap, on standby, costs £0.03 pence to run per 24 hours. Boiling water taps also save you from boiling more water than you really need which is great for energy efficiency and reducing waste.

Personally for me, there is a lot of value in the time saving aspect of a boiling water tap. I think it’s a revelation and making tea or cooking food that requires boiling water frees up so much time and it all feels almost effortless.

The lack of a bulky kettle also helps free up a lot of space counter space in my compact kitchen and the sleek, elegance design has instantly refreshed the space.

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