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The Government has secured 60 million doses of the vaccine – and parts of it will even be manufactured in the UK. Mr Johnson said: “I’m delighted by GSK’s investment, which shows the strength of UK manufacturing, and will further boost our vaccine rollout.

“The vaccines taskforce has worked hand in glove with business to successfully deliver vaccines to the whole of the UK and this agreement will continue to support our approach.

“We remain on track to offer a first jab to all over-50s by April 15, and all adults by the end of July, and I want to once again encourage everyone to come forward for a vaccine when you’re called.”

Roger Connor, president of GSK vaccines, said: “GSK is delighted to support Novavax and the UK vaccines taskforce with this manufacturing arrangement for the UK and our Barnard Castle facility is now undertaking the rapid preparation work required to manufacture up to 60 million doses of this vaccine.

“We have ensured that we can deliver these volumes without impacting supply of our other vital medicines and vaccines, and without disruption to the other Covid-19 collaborations GSK is engaged in globally.”

The Novavax vaccine will join AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in the rollout.

However, the vaccine has not yet been approved by the MHRA for use throughout the UK.

How does the Novavax vaccine work?

Researchers inserted a modified gene into a virus, called a baculovirus, and allowed it to infect insect cells.

Spike proteins from these cells were then assembled into nanoparticles which, while they look like coronavirus, cannot replicate or cause Covid-19.

These nanoparticles are then injected into the body via the vaccine where the immune system triggers an antibody response.

Like other vaccines currently being used in the UK, it is administered two doses via an injection into the arm.

The jab is 96 percent effective against the original strain of the virus, and 86 percent effective against the Kent strain.

Results of a phase three trial in the UK indicate 100 percent protection against severe disease and death.

The UK has now vaccinated more than half of its adult population with at least one dose, and seven percent of all adults with two doses.

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