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Mr Cummings was key in securing the UK’s historic referendum result in 2016 and was seen by many observers as the mastermind behind the nation’s decision. His position of influence continued to grow, as well as his controversial reputation, and his campaign strategies bought further success as he helped Prime Minister Boris Johnson complete an election landslide in December. But, it has now been confirmed Mr Cummings will leave his role as chief adviser to the Prime Minister by the end of the year after reports of internal conflict growing inside Downing Street.

Mr Farage, the former Ukip leader and arch Brexiteer, hinted that Mr Cummings’ perceived success within the Vote Leave campaign may have actually been overplayed, after he claimed the political guru didn’t actually believe in Brexit.

He reflected on a discussion he had in early 2016 with YouTube channel Leading Edge, in which he described what he felt were Mr Cummings’ true Brexit demands.

The 56-year-old said: “I sat down with Cummings, in January or February, and with everyone speculating we talked about when the referendum would be and he made it clear to me that his view was that a Leave vote in the referendum should be used as a renegotiating tool to get a different deal.

“And then he’d put that to a second referendum, and I fundamentally disagreed with that.

“He didn’t even believe in triggering Article 50, so he didn’t really want us to leave or our position within the EU to change.”

Mr Farage admitted the pair had previously fallen out but appeared to want the same goal of “just getting Brexit done”.

But he did have reservations about whether Mr Cummings himself was actually an ardent supporter of Brexit, like himself.

He added in 2019: “For all I know now, Cummings is a true leaver, I just don’t know what to believe.”

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His time spent by Mr Johnson’s side has not been without controversy, especially after he seemingly broke tough lockdown measures to test his eyesight while out on a drive to Barnard Castle.

The move has been welcomed by those inside Labour, as well as some within the Conservative Party.

One MP claimed the decision was “a game-changing moment” for Mr Johnson and his party.

They added: “I’ve no doubt most MPs will breathe a sigh of relief and the two going will see a short of vigour into the Tory backbenches, who will be fully behind the Prime Minister.”

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