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The recording sees Ms Daniels being labelled “the porn hooker”. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, author of the book Melania and Me, spoke out about the shocking conversation in which the First Lady allegedly discusses Ms Stormy who was accused of having an affair with her husband, Donald Trump.

She played the tape on Mea Culpa, a podcast presented by Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former lawyer.

Ms Wolkoff, a fashion and entertainment executive, became a senior advisor to Ms Trump, as well as her friend.

However, she had to leave the White House after an investigation was opened on the fundraising for Mr Trump’s inauguration, which Ms Wolkoff was one of the key planners for.

Ms Wolkoff refuted claims regarding the investigation but the First Lady has not defended her.

Speaking on Mea Culpa, Ms Wolkoff said: “Needed to let a reporter listen to the tapes, because the White House made sure that people didn’t believe what I was saying … once I had already been severed and accused of criminal activity.”

She added: “The White House created a narrative because I didn’t follow along with the one they wanted.”

According to the author, the narrative is the President and the First Lady were not aware of the province of the money for the event.

She said: “Nothing took place without Donald’s approval.

Ms Trump replied: “Stormy.”

In response to Ms Wolkoff’s astonishment, Ms Trump added: “Oh you didn’t read it.

“It was yesterday it came out. For Vogue.

“She will be in Vogue. Annie Leibowitz shot her.”

In one of the recordings, Ms Trump is heard discussing President Trump’s popularity as a leader and describes him as “the most popular Republican president ever”.

Asked by Ms Wolkoff about how he had energy, Ms Trump replied he got it from his supporters.

The First Lady said: “He goes there and you see those people.

“He has such a base. He, you know, when he travels.

“Of course – he’s the most popular Republican president ever.

“The media, it’s only liberal, so it’s not out there but when you go to the middle of the country everybody’s like …

“Even when I travel and I go places everybody’s like amazing, right?”

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