Lupe Pure Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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The Lupe Pure Cordless is one seriously impressive machine that I believe will make other vacuum manufacturer’s have to up their game. The founders of Lupe wanted to create a cordless cleaner that provides high powered performance and suction as well as longevity and they have accomplished this. It’s refreshing to see a company making spare parts easily accessible and genuinely thinking about what the end user requires from a device that will be used weekly if not daily and can cost hundreds of pounds.

There are only two cons in my opinion; noise and price. It isn’t a quiet machine, especially when used on Max mode, but by no means is this a deal-breaker. The price is approximately £699 which you could argue is the cost of a premium machine, which this definitely is, but nonetheless it is still a lot of money. However, replaceable parts and a 2 year warranty are big positive points that could offset this initial price.

Noise and price aside, the Lupe Pure Cordless delivers on the bold claims it makes and it’s definitely one to rival the leading manufacturers on the market.

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