Logan Paul spars with Ryan Garcia ahead of Floyd Mayweather fight and gets advice from boxing’s young star

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Logan Paul spent a day training with Ryan Garcia in preparation for his fight with Floyd Mayweather.

The 0-1 YouTuber is planning to rearrange his delayed exhibition bout with the 50-0 boxing legend and is staying fit while waiting for a new date to be confirmed.

Garcia and Paul did some sparring together

Ryan Garcia – YouTube

Garcia and Paul did some sparring together

Logan has now linked up with young boxing star – and fellow social media sensation – Garcia.

The pair spent a day training together at Logan’s house/gym and even shared a few rounds sparring together.

Garcia gave advice to Paul: “Not backing up, finding that range, keeping that range.

“You should think in your mind, ‘I’m not giving up ground no matter what.’

“Be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation, that’s what you need to learn because he’s gonna try to make you feel uncomfortable.”

Garcia gave Logan a series of tips

Ryan Garcia – YouTube

Garcia gave Logan a series of tips

At the end of their video, Garcia boldly declared: “Logan Paul, he’s fighting Floyd Mayweather.

“I gotta tell you, this man is gonna defeat Floyd Mayweather.”

Last month, Mayweather explained the financial reasons why he is taking the fight.

Mayweather told the Disruptive Entrepreneur podcast: “I can fight a fighter right now and I can guarantee myself $35million.

“I can eventually probably make $50million, for just a regular fight.

Mayweather is unlikely to be worried by the YouTuber

Getty Images – Getty

Mayweather is unlikely to be worried by the YouTuber

“Or me and Logan Paul can go out, entertain, have fun and make nine figures $100million or more.

“Everybody thinks that ‘retired’ means at home with your feet up and picking up weight.

“I prefer to go out, still entertain and have fun.

“Just because I still go out, entertain and have fun doesn’t mean that I still wanna fight for 12 rounds.

“I think we’ve got a six-round exhibition. I think it’s gonna be very entertaining for the people, I think people are gonna love it.

“$35million for 12 rounds or $100million for six rounds – big difference.”

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