Lockdown today: Will Boris Johnson announce a second lockdown today? | UK | News


Mr Gove said there are many workers unable to work from home that should continue to work, but those who can work from home should.

This new stance directly contrasts the PM’s return to work plea issued in July.

In July Mr Johnson said: “I want people to go back to work as carefully as possible.

“It’s very important that people should be going back to work if they can now.

“I think everybody has sort of taken the ‘stay at home if you can’ – I think we should now say, well, ‘go back to work if you can’.

“Because I think it’s very important that people should try to lead their lives more normally.

“I want to see more people feeling confident to use the shops, use the restaurants, and get back into work – but only if we all follow the guidance.”

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