Lockdown may NOT end on December 2 as Matt Hancock says ‘difficult to know’ impact | UK | News

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock addressed the public in the Government’s Monday night coronavirus briefing. Mr Hancock admitted the lockdown in England may be extended beyond December 2nd as the Government continues to look at the data. Diviya from Leicester submitted the question: “Will a national lockdown be extended past December 2nd if cases and deaths continue to rise? If not, what is the reasoning behind this?”

Mr Hancock admitted the data the Government has been collecting on coronavirus cases and deaths after the implementation of the national lockdown was not yet sufficient to give an answer to this.

He answered: “Thank you, another excellent question and an important one.

“The answer is that it is too early to know what the number of cases will be as we come to the end of the current lockdown.

“I might add Susan to add a few more details.

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“What I would say is that at the moment most of the tests that we are getting back that are positive cases are from around the time when the lockdown came in.

“So we are yet to see it in the data, and it is too early to expect to see it in the data, the impact of a second lockdown.”

Mr Hancock added the Government was hoping to transition out of a total lockdown, if the data supported this.

He said: “We absolutely hope to be able to replace the national lockdown with a tiered system similar to what we had before.

“We are, of course, assessing that and assessing how we can make that effective.

Mr Hancock then passed on to Dr Susan Hopkins of test and trace to answer the question as well.

Dr Hopkins said: “The key issues for us is that cases to fall. 

“We expect, if the lockdown is working and we are doing the best we can to have reduced or no social contact with other people, that we will start to see cases decline over the next week. 


“We expect it will be longer for us to see hospital admissions go down, possibly another week or so.

“But I do think if we do start to see the cases decline we can start making a judgement about what are the right decisions we make.

“And we can also start to look at the opening up decisions for December 2nd.” 

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