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I recently attended the virtual launch of their new range and was absolutely amazed with their new offering. Liebherr’s new fully integrated refrigerator appliances move away from the idea of one appliance placed in the corner of the kitchen. Instead, their integrated appliances are elegantly and conveniently situated wherever you’d like them to be.

As well as stunning design, Liebherr upgraded their functionality and have taken inspiration from the nurturing mists that cover California’s Salinas Valley vineyards to cut food waste and naturally keep fruit and vegetables in pristine condition.

Through the use of technological innovation they have managed to deliver outstanding energy efficiency, minimal noise levels and intelligent design features for their next generation refrigerators and freezers. Yet they have put the customer at the centre of it all, constantly striving to be efficient, innovative and contemporary. 

Their new range includes four scales which harvest different customer needs and budgets. Starting with Pure, Plus, Prime and ending with Peak, all new models are full of smart features and are all of the highest quality.

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