Julia Garner’s Danielle Frankel Wedding Pantsuit


“I love pantsuits, and I always thought that if I were to get married in a courthouse, I wanted to wear one. I wanted a Carrie Bradshaw moment,” Emmy-winning Ozark actress Julia Garner told Vogue, reminiscing about her wedding day that took place at City Hall in New York City in December 2019. Julia married Mark Foster, who’s the lead singer of the band Foster the People. He was sitting right by her side when the 26-year-old made her Emmys acceptance speech from home, swathed head to toe in ivory silk Chanel. In that moment, I thought immediately back to her Danielle Frankel bridal looks, which I had admired on Instagram months prior, following the couple’s nuptials.

Sure enough, Julia was wearing a look for the award ceremony that stayed in tune with her unique sense of style, something that Frankel captured perfectly when she customized Julia’s pantsuit and ivory-and-lace silk minidress for her reception. “I got a DM from Danielle Frankel asking me if I had found a dress. I wrote her back, and we exchanged numbers. The next day we spoke on the phone, and I felt like I’d known her forever. It was an Instagram miracle!” Julia said of the collaboration process. Julia ended up looking just like herself on her special day. Her vintage-meets-chic and modern aesthetic was evident. She looked like an old soul with a fashion forward attitude. That’s exactly what I saw when I took in her Chanel dress at the Emmys, too, along with so many of her red carpet looks before this one.

With every month that passes leading up to my own wedding, and I think about what I might wear, my feelings that I just want to look like myself only get stronger. Like Julia, I love ivory silk and a relaxed approach to bridal wear. Like Julia, so many of the outfits I’ve worn before are subtle hints as to what I’ll wear at my wedding. Even though some brides will reach for the ballgowns, seeking a princess-like transformation for their walk down the aisle, I just want to take a moment to cheers to the Julias, who maybe don’t surprise their wedding guests very much at all. Julia describes Danielle Frankel’s designs as “beautiful, modern, smart, classic, edgy, original, flattering, and powerful.” Powerful — hmm, yes. Sometimes, there’s a whole lot of power in just being you.

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