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According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, the majority of Americans think Mr Trump could have avoided infection if he had taken the virus more seriously. The national opinion poll did not show outpouring support for the President beyond Mr Trump’s core group of followers, some of whom gathered outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he had been hospitalised. Among those who are expected to cast their vote on November 3, the poll found that 51 percent were backing his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, while 41 percent said they were voting for Mr Trump.

Four percent were choosing a third-party candidate and another four percent said they were undecided.

Despite the latest polls painting an ugly picture for Mr Trump, Italexit party spokesman Sergio Montanaro believes the Republican will ultimately prevail in November – in what will inevitably be a huge blow to Mr Biden.

He told “I’ll tell you how Mr Trump, the most powerful democratically elected person in the world, is depicted in the news here in Italy.

“He is depicted as an eccentric do-nothing – when actually he is the President of a nation who has got hundreds of millions of people…

“I think it is very likely he will get re-elected in November. I hope he does.”

When asked why, Mr Montanaro said: “He is the only US President who has not fired a single shot against any country.

“And aside from what they are telling us about coronavirus, lots of Americans are living better than before.

“I am not talking about the American middle class.

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“Cosying up to the Chinese Government is never a good idea.”

Mr Montanaro hopes to take Italy out of the EU in the next couple of years through a referendum similar to the one held in the UK.

His party’s logo, Italexit, takes inspiration from Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.

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