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Thomas Byrne stated during an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme that it is in neither the UK or the EU’s interests to have a no deal Brexit. He also told the BBC’s Sarah Smith that there is a lot of work ongoing to avoid a hard border between the UK and Ireland including a legally binding agreement.

Mr Byrne said: “We accept the good faith of the British. We think that it is in nobody’s interests to have no deal.

“That would lead to chaos for trading, for business and for the general population. I don’t think anybody wants that.

“A deal that everybody can get some wins out of will be beneficial for everybody.”

Ms Smith said: “Boris Johnson has said there will be a trade border in the Irish sea over my dead body.

“In order to make sure there is not a border there is going to have to be a deal presumably.

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“It is not possible for him to fulfil that promise and walk away without a deal.”

Mr Byrne replied: “Well of course the protocol on Northern Ireland regarding the north-south issue has already been agreed and it is legally binding.

“So that is going to happen and the implementation of the protocol is being worked on but the details of how north and south work are already agreed.”

Last month Ireland’s Foreign Minister warned of the “damaging” consequences for the UK and Ireland if Britain is unable to agree to terms on a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU.

“What we don’t have yet is a trade agreement that prevents tariffs and quotas being imposed which would be hugely damaging to the UK and damaging from an Irish perspective.

“We have limited time, the British Government has made it clear they are not going to look for an extension of the time beyond the end of this year.

“This transitional period is giving everyone a false sense of security towards Brexit.

“If we cannot get a trade deal in place between now and the end of the year then trade between the UK and the EU will happen on WTO terms.”

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