India news: Girl has ‘eyes gauged and tongue cut out’ in sickening rape and murder case | World | News

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The girl went missing on Friday afternoon and after a search, her body was discovered in a field near her house. The family of the girl launched a search and found her dead in a sugar cane field outside their village, close to the Nepalese border. The distraught father said: “We went looking for her everywhere.

“We found her in the sugarcane field.

“Her eyes had been gouged out.

“Her tongue was cut and strangled with a dupatta scarf.”

The state prosecutor of the Indian province of Utter Pradesh has denied the girl had her eyes gouged out.

Police told The Times of India that “the accused had a tiff with the girl’s family over defecating in his farmland in the past.

“The girl was found in his cane field and family had named him in their complaint.”

Senior Indian congress leader Jitin Prasada hot out at the number of sexual assaults in the nation.

Speaking in congress on Sunday she said: “The inhuman act with a girl has put humanity to shame.

“This is an extremely saddening incident.”

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