Gwyneth Paltrow reveals her ‘worst kiss’ was with Robert Downey Jr aka Iron Man


Well, the crackling chemistry between Pepper Pots aka Gwyneth Paltrow and Iron Man/Tony Stark aka Robert Downey Jr was a treat for all the fans. While audience loved their equation in Iron Man and Avengers franchise, Gwyneth revealed that her worst kiss was with RDJ. In one of the recent episodes of Goop podcast, Gwyneth and Kate Hudson discussed about their best and worst onscreen kisses. Also Read – Avengers: Endgame actress Gwyneth Paltrow poses nude on her 48th birthday; writes, ‘In nothing but my birthday suit today’

When Gwyneth asked Kate about her best kiss, the said that she could on only think about her worst kisses and added that it was with How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days co-star Matthew McConaghuey. “Honestly, I feel like I kind of haven’t had the best kissers,” Kate said. “I feel like I should have had better ones.” “Every time I kissed McConaughey, I mean, it’s like there’s just something happening and there’s like snot, or wind,” she said. “Like when we were kissing, like, in the end of Fool’s Gold, we’re like in the ocean, we had the plane crash, he just had snot all over his face!,” she added. Also Read – Avengers Endgame makers, Russo Brothers, REVEAL a ‘Secret Wars’ movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be bigger than the Infinity Saga

On the other hand, Gwyneth revealed it was with RDJ and said, “With Robert, like, when I kissed him, I was like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me, this is literally like kissing my brother.’ In 2012, Robert told the same thing to People Magazine and asserted, “She said… I didn’t know what I was doing, like, ‘It didn’t feel good.’ And I said, ‘You know what? First of all, we’re all friends, so what would be creepy is if I was coming off all sexy to you while we were shooting – which by the way, I’ve done that in movies and it creeps them out! So why would I creep you out?’.” Also Read – Trending Entertainment News Today: Salman Khan’s studio booking, Dil Bechara beats Avengers

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