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Happy as Lazzaro

France, Italy, Switzerland, 2018
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Language: Italian
Director: Alice Rohrwacher
Starring: Adriano Tardiolo, Agnese Graziani, Luca Chikovani, Alba Rohrwacher, Sergi López, Tommaso Ragno, 
What’s it about?
This is the tale of a meeting between Lazzaro, a young peasant so good that he is often mistaken for simple-minded, and Tancredi, a young nobleman cursed by his imagination.

Monday 8 March, 9.30 pm



Canada, 2019
Genre: Drama
Language: English, French, Inuktitut, Inupiak
Director: Myriam Verreault
Starring: Sharon Ishpatao Fontaine, Yamie Grégoire, Étienne Galloy, Cédrick Ambroise, Caroline Vachon, Mike Innu Papu Mckenzie, Douglas Grégoire, Anniss Desterres, Roselyn Fontaine, Ariel Fontaine St-Onge, Katinen Grégoire-Fontaine, Joe Fontaine, Brigitte Poupart, Martin Desgagnés, Mikupishan Poirier, Billy-Jack Jourdain, Alex Bernier, Ismael Cormier
What’s it about?
Two girls grow up as best friends in an Innu community, and they promise each other to stick together no matter what. But their friendship is shaken when Mikuan falls for a white boy.

Tuesday 9 March, 9.30 pm




Saudi Arabia, 2012
Genre: Drama
Language: Arabic
Director: Haifaa Al-Mansour
Starring: Waad Mohammed, Abdullrahman Al Gohani
What’s it about?
A rebellious Saudi girl enters a Koran recitation competition at her school and hopes to win enough money to buy her own bicycle.

Wadjda: Haifaa Al-Mansour interview
‘Wadjda’: A film about female triumph

Wednesday 10 March, 9.30 pm



United Kingdom, United States of America, 2018
Genre: Drama, History
Language: English, French
Director: Wash Westmoreland
Starring: Keira Knightley, Dominic West, Denise Gough, Fiona Shaw, Robert Pugh, Eleanor Tomlinson
What’s it about?
Set at the dawn of the modern age, Colette is the story of a woman who has been denied her voice by an overbearing man, and who will go to extraordinary lengths to find it.

Thursday 11 March, 9.30 pm


Red Joan

United Kingdom, 2018
Genre: Thriller, History
Language: English
Director: Trevor Nunn
Starring: Judi Dench, Sophie Cookson, Tom Hughes, Tereza Srbová, Stephen Campbell Moore, Ben Miles, Nina Sosanya, Laurence Spellman
What’s it about?
In a picturesque village in England, Joan Stanley (Academy Award® winner Dame Judi Dench), lives in contented retirement. Then suddenly her tranquil existence is shattered as she’s shockingly arrested by MI5. For Joan has been hiding an incredible past – she is one of the most influential spies in living history.

Friday 12 March, 9.30 pm


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