Georgia voting official says there are 47,000 votes left to be counted


Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s voting system implementation manager, told reporters during a press conference at the state capitol Thursday there are 47,277 votes left to be counted, though he said election officials in the state are working to finish their tallies Thursday if possible.

“Having an accurate, fair count is much more vital than having a fast count,” he said at a news conference Thursday morning. 

Georgia is characterized as a toss-up by CBS News, with Mr. Trump leading Biden by 12,835 votes.

Sterling said the state is going to ensure that every “legal, lawful ballot is counted.”

“These are 159 elections directors and employees who are here to do the job of protecting democracy,” he said. “These are people who are not involved in voter fraud. These people are not involved in voter suppression. I’m telling you they are doing their jobs every day.”

Sterling provided an updated breakdown of how many votes have yet to be counted by county during an afternoon briefing:

  • Chatham County: 17,157

  • Clayton County: 6,026

  • Cobb County: 700

  • Floyd County: 682

  • Forsyth County: 4,713

  • Fulton County: 7,305

  • Gwinnett County: 4,800

  • Harris County: 3,641

  • Laurens County: 1,797

  • Taylor County: 456

Grace Segers contributed to this report

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