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Stand-Out Features:

EcoAir’s DC14 MK2 Compressor Dehumidifier is small and compact but still robust. As it only weighs 12kg it is easy to move around the house on its wheels, and also to occasionally carry upstairs if needed. Despite it’s compact size it still has the ability to gather 1.7 litres of water in its tank and has a 13 litre per day extraction rate, making it immensely effective at tackling humidity issues such as damp and condensation.

In the Box:

The dehumidifier arrived in a fairly small box without any unnecessary excess packaging, which is great for the environment.

The box itself includes the dehumidifier unit, a continuous drainage hose, and the user manual too. The device doesn’t need to be put together, as the water tank and the filter are already in the right place. This makes set up easy, as it is just a matter of pushing in the 4 caster wheels and plugging it in.


One of the reasons I like this particular dehumidifier is because of the range of useful features it has to offer. The handy touch buttons combined with the clear LED screen make it easy to monitor and maintain the humidity in the room and the Low/High Modes allow you to alternate the power when needed.

I found the timer option, which ranges from 1 to a full 24hours, particularly useful. When using it in the bedroom I could easily set it to turn off a few hours after we had fallen asleep, thus saving on electricity too. It’s also very quiet and as a light sleeper I was relieved to find it was at only 35 dBA on Low.

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