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The American director expressed his conspiracy theory during a rant on Facebook after the president announced his COVID-19 positive test late on Thursday evening. Donald Trump was rushed to a military hospital near Washington on Friday out of an “abundance of caution” after suffering with some coronavirus symptoms.

President Trump announced that he and the First Lady Melania Trump had both been diagnosed with coronavirus on Twitter.

He posted late on Thursday evening in the US: “Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19.

“We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!”

But Mr Moore has suggested that the US president might be faking the diagnosis during a social media rant.

He said: “He may have it. But it’s also possible he’s lying. That’s just a fact.

“But – he’s losing the election. And he knows it. It’s not 2016. He was hated in 2016, but he’s hated even more now.

“Millions of Americans are ON FIRE and on the verge of serving him up a major league ass-whooping and a record landslide defeat.

“So he needs – badly – to totally change the conversation about this campaign. And he just has.”

There is no evidence the White House has been lying about Donald Trump’s condition.

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“Yes, he is all those things. But he’s also canny. He’s clever. He outfoxed Comey.

“He outfoxed Mueller. He outfoxed 20 Republicans in the GOP primary and then did the same to the Democrats, winning the White House despite receiving fewer votes than his opponent.”

Although Mr Moore blasted the president for “lying” about his diagnosis, he appeared to rain back his outburst towards the end.

He wrote: “Finally, on a personal note: Stay alive Mr President. Your exit from public life must happen in the right and decent way.

“You have many years to live. You have a child to raise. Grandchildren who need you. A base that loves you.”

Sean Conley, White House doctor, said the president was given a dose of Remdesivir.

Mr Trump’s campaign manager, Bill Stepien, also tested positive for the coronavirus as well as other White House senior aides.

Late on Friday evening, Mr Trump announced that he was “going well” since being admitted to hospital.

He tweeted: “Going welI, I think! Thank you to all. LOVE!!!”

He also said the medical staff at Walter Reed Medical Center are “amazing” and he is “feeling well” because of their help.

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