Deontay Wilder in ‘amazing physical shape’ for third Tyson Fury fight, says Bronze Bomber’s training partner


It would be fair to say Tyson Fury dominated Deontay Wilder during their WBC title bout back in February.

Nearly everyone thought that Fury would have to counter-punch his way to victory and it was all about avoiding the sheer power of Wilder.

Fury wrenched the WBC heavyweight title from Wilder’s grasp in February

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Fury wrenched the WBC heavyweight title from Wilder’s grasp in February

But that’s not how it went, not one bit. Fury pressed from the get-go and his bigger body mass simply overpowered and overwhelmed Wilder.

Fury scored the seventh round stoppage and the rest is history, as they say.

The American has invoked his rematch clause and the pair are hoping to meet before the end of the year.

Wilder’s big-hitting protege Raphael Akpejiori has been in training with Wilder and he has warned everyone not to expect the same showing when the pair collide again.

“Based on what I know, the only person that can beat Deontay right now, is Deontay,” Akpejiori told Sky Sports.

“He will beat Fury if he sticks to the game plan from his coaching staff, and I know that he has all the physical tools.


Akpejiori (left) is backing Wilder to acquit himself better in the third bout

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Akpejiori (left) is backing Wilder to acquit himself better in the third bout

“Right now he is in amazing physical shape, that I can tell you for sure. You will see a completely different Deontay, mentally and physically in the ring, when that bell rings again for that third fight. That I can tell you.”

Wilder initially complained that the gear he wore for his ring entrance weighed a lot and took away the power in his legs.

Now that he is in his physical prime, according to Akepeijori, it could be a much different contest and the Bronze Bomber is ready to go.

“Listen, I can tell you from my conversations with Deontay that he was ready to fight Tyson Fury in July.

“The only reason why he didn’t fight Tyson Fury in July, was because the fight was moved due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown that came after that.

“He does the same workouts that we’ve been doing. I don’t know how somebody can be injured and do all that. It’s really hard stuff, I can tell you that for sure.”

While the coronavirus pandemic has made life difficult for us all, Akepejiori insists Wilder’s eyes are very much on the prize of regaining his WBC belt.

“You can really tell that’s all he’s thinking about, from just talking,” Akepejiori said. “We talk about a whole lot of other things, personal stuff, boxing promotional stuff.

“But concerning fighting Tyson Fury, he’s extremely confident. He’s very excited about that third fight. I can tell you for sure that he’s very hungry, and he’s trying to get back into the ring as soon as possible. He’s in great spirits, excited to get back to fight Tyson Fury.”

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