Daniel Cormier unable to see out of one eye after poke from Stipe Miocic in ‘DC’s’ final UFC clash

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Daniel Cormier fought with one working eye as he lost his bid to regain the UFC heavyweight title.

He suffered an eye poke at the end of the third round of his trilogy clash with Stipe Miocic in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Cormier’s (left) UFC career has come to a worrying end

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Cormier’s (left) UFC career has come to a worrying end

It was missed by referee Marc Goodard, who told Cormier, 41, to fight on. Goddard later acknowledged he made a mistake.

And Cormier, after losing by unanimous decision in his final fight, admitted he could not see out of his left eye and was later taken to hospital.

“I can’t see,” he said. “He did a good job; he was able to clinch and hold me against the Octagon for long periods of time and I believe that separated the close rounds.

“I can’t see anything out of my left eye, it’s black but it is what it is. I told Marc but he said he thought it was a punch but after he said he’d seen it on the replay.

Cormier left the fight in a bad way

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Cormier left the fight in a bad way

“I just can’t see out of my left eye, it is what it is.

“It sucks, being on the losing end of two fights in trilogies is a very sad position to be in but I will deal with it as I’ve dealt with it in the past.

“I’m not interested in fighting for anything other than titles and I don’t imagine there’s going to be a title in the future so that will be it for me; I’ve had a long run and it’s been great.

“I fought my last fight for the heavyweight championship and it was a pretty good fight.”

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