China sanctions: PM ‘stands firmly’ with blacklisted Brits for ‘shining light’ on Uighurs | World | News

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A spokesman for Mr Johnson said he and Mr Biden are both “concerned” about the developments from China.

In a joint statement from both the US President and UK Prime Minister, the spokesman said: “The Prime Minister and President reflected on the significant action taken by the UK, US and other international partners earlier this week to impose sanctions on human rights violators in Xinjiang and expressed their concern about retaliatory taken action by China.”

Chen Weihua, China Daily EU Bureau Chief, responded to Mr Johnson’s Twitter post and suggested the UK is being hypocritical over its stance on Beijing.

He said: “When UK followed US in the Iraq War, it was said to ‘spread freedom and democracy’.

“Now everyone knew what it really was. Lies are lies.”

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