Care home workers vaccine: Is Covid vaccine mandatory for care home staff? | UK | News

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Response to the news has been mixed on social media, with some claiming it is a violation of human rights, while others claim it is important to protect Britain’s most vulnerable population.

One person tweeted: “It does all seem to be going in the wrong direction, compulsory vaccinations for care home staff is not a good idea. May 17 is the date given for restart of foreign travel so why bother with massive fines for the few weeks before that?”

Another user added: “Compulsory Covid Vaccines for Care Home Staff, is just wrong, nobody should be compelled to take medication they don’t want”.

One Twitter user wrote: “I know it shouldn’t be made compulsory but 99 percent of my friends and family who work in care homes & hospitals can’t get the jab quick enough.”

Another person added: “Why not? We must protect the people they are caring for and carrying Covid 19 is not doing that. Be clean or get another job”.

One person tweeted: “They should use education not compulsory vaccinations. Compulsory medication is against our human rights. Once they start eroding our basic rights to make choices, no-one knows where it will stop.”

One social media user wrote: “I do hope that compulsory vaccinations legislation is not passed by Parliament – there are other ways. A full education plan should be introduced for all caseworkers and hospital workers, along with pay for any time lost for all those that are concerned about having the jab.”

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