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Brexit talks have failed to result in an agreed new trade deal between the UK and EU so far. This has led many commentators and politicians to insist a no deal Brexit is becoming more of a possibility. Queen Mary’s School of Business and Management professor Liam Campling argued at this stage the EU may be getting scared of the no deal scenario.

During an interview with, Professor Campling noted the bloc would be wary of the financial ramifications of failure to agree a trade deal with the UK.

He added he believed the UK would be more fearful of a no deal Brexit, however.

Professor Campling said: “As someone with experience with negotiating with the EU, working on the side of the Pacific Islands, the EU is quite a hard negotiator.

“It just isn’t a soft touch and historically it plays brinkmanship very well.

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“I think it is also extremely clear on its position.”

Professor Campling then defended the EU’s attitude during the Brexit trade talks and explained how it could allow progress.

He said: “The EU’s position is that there needs to be some degree of give and take on both sides.

“I think the EU has recognised that and the UK is increasingly recognising that.

“I think the EU is worried about it but I think the UK is going to be more worried about it.”

One of the areas Professor Campling was sceptical the EU would cave in on is fishing.

He noted the EU was well practiced in their negotiations regarding fishing rights and would use all of the weapons at their disposal to get the best fishing deal. 

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