Best Old Navy Loungewear Under $50

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Loungetown: population . . . you? Well, make that you, your couch, Netflix, and your favorite sweats. Whether you have fully embraced a casual wardrobe 24/7 or swap into something comfy the moment work’s done, there’s a good chance you’re no stranger to a plush short and hoodie.

Since we can’t wear the same sweatshirt every single day for weeks on end, we’re always in the market for new pieces to keep us cozy and cute while still indoors. And it just so happens that Old Navy has a ton of affordable loungewear (that you may be tempted to wear when you have to step outside again as well).

From joggers to rompers in fleece, velour, faux fur, and more, not a single item we chose costs more than $35. Cheers to that with your favorite at-home beverage, then check out our top picks ahead.

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