Best Fuzzy Slippers Under $25


Like most of us, I’ve spent 95 percent of the last four months in sweatpants and oversize tees. That being said, my feet were left to suffer the cold tile floors or risk slipping in socks for a moment of warmth. That’s when these Halluci Plush Fleece Slippers ($24) entered my life. I was scrolling through Instagram Stories, and one of my favorite bloggers, Rachel Parcell, was listing her favorite comfy essentials. I’d always seen her chic at-home slides and figured they were out of my price range, but when I saw the price listed at $24, my credit card basically jumped out of my wallet straight into my hand. It’s hands (feet?) down my best purchase while sheltering in place.

When I say soft, I want you to imagine the fluffiest cloud you’ve ever seen and now imagine putting your foot in that. Maybe then you’ll understand the comfort level I experience every time I slip these on every morning. The crisscross design secures my foot in place despite it being open-toe (perfect for summer!) but still manages to feel so luxurious and warm. The bottom of the shoe offers the perfect amount of support; it’s waterproof and skid-resistant, which means you can wear them indoors or outdoors, too. After months of walking around in socks, in thin slippers, or — even worse — barefoot, I have found my match made in slipper heaven, and I don’t even care when I might wear “real” shoes again.

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