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The BBC have faced a furious backlash following their decision to remove the free TV licence for over-75s at the beginning of August 2020. TalkRadio host Cristo Foufas argued the BBC could afford to continue to pay for free licencing despite its claims it was not possible. He added, while he was at the BBC he saw multiple issues that resulted in more unnecessary costs for the broadcasting giant.

Mr Foufas said: “It is absolutely outrageous they are taking the free licence away from pensioners.

“The BBC can afford it, they can 100 percent afford it, they really can.

“I used to sometimes present at the BBC and I have to say I found all of the people there really lovely but sometimes there would be more people working on a show than listening to a show.”

Mr Foufas then went into details of his experiences working at the BBC and the multiple issues he found.

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He continued: “The BBC had people everywhere, I am used to working commercial where you have a producer and maybe someone doing the buttons.

“But in the BBC I would look through the window when presenting a show and think who the hell is that?

“There would be a producer, an assistant producer, a broadcast assistant, technical operator and a phone answerer.

“The thing was nobody was allowed to do anyone else’s job.”

“No one will do each other’s jobs and it is very important everyone sticks to their own lane.

“Whereas in commercial you could be wiping down the studio with one hand and booking a guest on the phone with your other hand.”

BBC chairman Sir David Clemnti has said the decision had “not been easy” but the broadcaster is under immense “financial pressure” and a further delay would impact on programmes. 

However, the British Government has said this introduction of fees for the over-75s is the wrong decision. has contacted the BBC for comment.

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