10 Skinny-Jean Outfits That Still Feel Cool in 2021

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Ask Alexa, Google, or Siri, and they may tell you skinny jeans are out. TikTok videos will most definitely confirm this to be true. But there’s also something to be said for standing by a classic item in your wardrobe through the years simply because you love the fit. Just because your go-to denim brands are introducing new cuts for the season doesn’t mean the skinny is by any means discontinued. Your social feeds may try to redirect you to the straight-leg or mom pant, but don’t second guess your personal preference, especially if the skinny is comfortable and flattering on you.

We’d argue there are even certain shoe styles and outfit combinations that benefit from a tapered ankle — and honestly just look better with a skinny jean. From oversize, double-breasted blazers (which we’ll personally always love with skinnies and stilettos) to the ballet flat, which perfectly polishes off a formfitting pant, here are 10 looks made up of staples you most definitely own and still love to wear. We also included some of our favorite skinny jeans on the market right now, for all you fashion rule breakers and rebels who know trends are really all relative to taste.

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